Case Studies

Association Case Study:

Central City Association of Los Angeles

We work with the CCALA, the Central City Association of Los Angeles. We assisted in the redesign of their website, emphasizing a sleek, modern design. We also helped the association upgrade their software, consolidating their systems under the Freedom Software™ umbrella. They now use Freedom™ to meet all their software needs—from membership management and events to accounting and finance and more.

Chamber of Commerce Case Study:

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

We work with the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance. Through Freedom™, we assisted in the merger of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and the Charlotte Regional Partnership that resulted in the current organization, the CRBA. We helped them consolidate their software systems under the Freedom™ umbrella and import and merge their economic development data. The organization now uses Freedom™ to meet all its software needs—from membership management to marketing and more


“The technology behind 立博客户端app下载 Freedom is extremely flexible. There have been many occasions when the Chamber had a need for a custom solution, and 立博客户端app下载 was able to build and deliver it through their software. And because 立博客户端app下载 is a totally comprehensive system, we are able to use it for everything from running banner ads and promoting chamber events to managing e-newsletters that keep our members informed.”


Economic Development Organization Case Study:

Greater MSP

We work with the Greater MSP, the Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership. Using the varied tools provided by Freedom™’s Website Application, we’ve worked with the organization to develop a site that is unique in its interactivity. The pages include expandable/collapsible economic data tables, a sorted rankings data table, detailed county overviews complete with statistics and a map view, fly-out biographies of staff members, engaging design and imagery, and call to action buttons.


“The team at 立博客户端app下载 has been phenomenal in helping with our website development.  They challenged convention and helped us to create a site that was right for our brand and presented us very well.  They were efficient and responsive. Great partnership all around!”


JCC Case Study:

Mandel JCC

We work with the Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland, providing enhanced website and email marketing functionality. Freedom Software™ powers their main site and each department’s microsite, all of which effectively incorporate landing pages. Our email marketing tools have aided them in growing their organizational reach and market share.


“Six years ago, we made the decision to work with 立博客户端app下载 to rebuild our website. Since then, we've enhanced and modified the site numerous times, and we just launched an all new responsive site. Looking back, that one decision was a game-changer for our organization because our website and e-marketing have grown to be critical to nearly everything we do. We consider the 立博客户端app下载 team to be our partners in every sense of the word, and we give much of the credit for our success to their top-notch staff and their comprehensive and sophisticated website and e-marketing tools. Perhaps most important, they have built a website that has helped us even the playing field in our highly competitive market. Because of this, we have been able to grow and gain marketshare.”


Real Estate Association Case Study:

Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors

We work with the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors, providing an updated, modern website design, integration with Ramco association management software, and property information searchability.


“I cannot say enough about expertise and flexibility of the 立博客户端app下载 team as we worked together to design and implement a new website for the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® and its subsidiaries. Their knowledge and workability made a complex project come to life with amazing results! I have helped design, redesign, and launch dozens of websites over the years and can say this with certainty: if you are thinking about redesigning your website in the real estate industry or non-profit arena, start with 立博客户端app下载 to see what they can do for your company, you won’t be disappointed.”


Nonprofit Case Study:

American Mushroom I